About Us

About Us


Mary Tarsisi Shayo the founder of Hand to Hand Across our Community Foundation (HHAOC-F) was born in the village of Mbomai Kati (Rombo-Kilimanjaro) in the early 1970s. Attended school up to standard four of her primary education, also struggled through all means on how to take care of her ill-mother at a young age. Later on, got married with three beautiful kids, life changes again after about a year her spouse passed away. Since then, Mary starts a new life, as a mother and father at the same time, raising kids, I mean taking care of them in everything they needed like the basic needs, she had to work harder and be stronger for her kids. God truly made a way for her and after about 17 years she began loving where she was, in 2022 Mary had an idea of starting an NGO. According to her, why this idea?

She didn’t have the opportunity to get proper education but made sure her kids got the best education and wished the same for other kids because she believed that good education is the mother of everything good and going further, she saw what opportunities one can miss if he/she didn’t have proper education background, just like her at times back. She also saw what struggling as a widow meant, and saw that it becomes tough when you at times lack enough emotional support than all other forms of support, no one to tell your worries were as it can lead to depression, she believed in listening and providing emotional support to all age groups.

She then decided to involve her daughter Jackline.E. Urassa with this idea, and yes, Jackline.E. Urassa saw it as a good idea, by November 2022 they began working on this idea and God being the Greatest by 2023 the organization began to operate.

our goals

Its Time to Take Action

These are the goals we have set for ourselves, which we are committed to achieving, and which will guide our efforts towards creating positive impact in the community we serve.

  • To promote women, children and youth to access health education and ministration education for young girls.
  • To promote women and youth with entrepreneurship skills, to be able to start small business.

  • To lobby the community to improve access to better education to the out of school population.
  • To advocate and engage community in home base care people who live with HIV/AIDS.

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